English Style IPA and Dogbolter Strong Ale

These two batches were christmas gifts. I figured I better get off my duff and make them. The day after Thanksgiving is the best day for this since I never set foot in a store on "Black Friday". Also the temprature today was 40 Degrees. Perfect to cool down the wort. Again Beercrafters, 110A Greentree Rd. Turnersville, NJ 856-2BREW IT helped me out with the Dogbolter. My daughter gave me that batch but there wasn't any instructions except for those on the can. The can instructions are usually not followed so I called Beercrafters for last minute instructions. These two batches were put up to ferment on 11-24-2000. They will be ready just in time for Christmas Parties.

The first batch is English Style IPA The recipe is:

This recipe called for a 40 minute boil. The fuggle is added half way through the boil. The last three minutes I threw in the Golding and let it sit whie I got things together.

The second batch was The Firkin Brewery Dogbolter.. The recipe is:

Although the can called for only 3 Gallons of water adding the John Bull kicked it up to 5 gallons.

Last Updated November 24, 2000