Cherry Wheat and a Pale Ale

This time I was venturesome and brewed two batches at one time. I want to gove credit to Beercrafters, 110A Greentree Rd. Turnersville, NJ 856-2BREW IT. The guys in the store were great and really helped this idiot out.

The first batch is Kriek Beer (Cherry Wheat) The recipe is:

This was the first time I ever did a fruit beer. One thing he taught me was to steep the grain up to 170 degrees. Then immediately take out the grain tea bag. The toughest was adding the 3 pounds of wheat DME. That stuff was coagulating as I poured it into the tea. Anyway things worked out fine and I didn't stain the stove.

The second batch was a Pale Ale. The recipe is:

This went fine and the wort didn't overflow the pot like I normally do. Both batches were put into the feremnting buckets late Saturday July 31, 1999. By the next morning the Pale Ale was perculating like a MAxwell House coffe Pot. But the Cherry Wheat was silent. I got scared but today (August 2) it kicked in and I now have two little plastic perculators going away in my kitchen.

Stay tuned for the progress.