Bermuda Triangle Brewery

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This Page Is Under Construction. Go have a Beverage or two of your Choice and Come Back Later.This Page Is Under Construction. Go have a Beverage or two of your Choice and Come Back Later.

I was rearranging my computer area and seem to have misplaced the diskettes with the pictures. Trust me they aren't in the triangle. This Brewery was nestled between a stone quarry and a metal Ace Hardware warehouse. The best thing I liked about the brewery was the friendliness of the brewmaster and crew. We got to the brewery about an hour early. We had a 300 to 400 yard walk down a dusty coral or stone road. We were welcomed by the brewmaster who handed me a glass, pointed out the four taps and said "The tour starts at 4PM so you have an hour. Make yourself home, walk around and enjoy. " So for the next hour I sampled the four brews on tap. The brewery makes five brews but only has four for tasting. The brewery is in a metal warehouse with the vats in an area that opens through two large accordian garage doors. There were metal stairs leading to the second floor where the bottler resided and the cases were stored. The kegs were stored where the vats were. So as I filled my glass (I lost count) a long haired well tanned guy came in sans t-shirt. He was carrying a green plastic liter soda bottle. I figured he was a brewery worker. We struck up a conversation (those that know me well can figure that was easy) and it comes to be that he was from the States and had an Aunt in Newark Delaware that ran a Go-Go Bar. He didn't like establishments like that but he said it kept his Aunt in a livelihood. So he finished filling the soda bottle with some Hammerhead Stout and bid us a good stay in Bermuda. As he walked out the garage door I watched him walk accross the dusty parking lot to the stone quarry and then head up the stairs to the rock crusher cabin. Just then some more tour folks showed up. I showed them the glasses, pointed out the taps as I heard the brewmaster chime in "go ahead. Remember there is a brerwery rule. If you have a glass in your hand it can't be empty". We all filled our glasses and at 4PM the tour started. What a tour, all eight of us stood in a circle listening to the brewmaster tell us how they founded the brewery. He was an accountant who liked beer more than accounting. He gave a great explanation of the hops and narley. He explained that normally the darker beers had less alcohol but most people associate the darkness to a stronger beer so they make it woth more alcohol in it to please folks. We got to climb up to the top of the vats and see what things look like before they go into the brewing vats. As we walked to the other side a small pick-up truck arrived. It was the local farmer and his wife. They came to pick up thespent slurry. They loaded the truck with the barrels of yeast, barley and malt slurries and before they left the farmer's wife filled their two liter green plastic bottles with fresh brew. I had gathered that the brewery kept the locals happy. After the tour we bought the 10 pack sampler, hit the head and started to trudge up the dusty hill to the bus stop 300 - 400 yds away. When our Bus came the bus driver winked and said "Do you think that will make it home?" as he pointed tio my sampler box.

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