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On this page you will find listings of the various Micro Brews, Imported brews and local Beers that I have sampled in my travels. Now some of these I have traveled only to my favorite place to get sample brews (Cherry Hill Wine and Spirits accross from the Cherry Hill Mall). If I've been to the locale for the brew there will be a link to a special page explaining that trip. For each one that I've sampled I will try to give my opinion of the brew. To be honest I've only tasted a few that I won't put here. Two that come to mind are Philadelphia Lager and Budweiser Honey Wheat. These two brews were the first two brews where I couldn't finish the glass.

My attempts for the Perfect Brew

English Style IPA and Dogbolter Strong Ale

Cherry Wheat and a Pale Ale

My Futherest Trip for a Brew

Follow this link to a discussion about my trip to Bermuda and to the Bermuda Triangle Brewery.

Favorite Brews

Well here is the list. I have them catagorized by the type. If any of you have ever seen my work area you would know I am not organized but when it comes to Brews I like to keep them catagorized. Just click on the type below and it will bring you to that section.

Microbreweries and Brew Pubs

Here is a list of the Brewpubs and Micro Breweries I've visited. If they are on the Web I've included their link.

My dump list:


Follow the links below to the Brewzines I get. I don't control their publication bit as I get them I post them. You can subscribe yourself. You will have to hit the back button to get back here from these pages. Sorry about that but you will have to wait until I get some programming time.

Beer Links

NJ Brewpubs, MicroBrews etc As Reviewed by Pubcrawler

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